Compile thinstation 5

download mirrot thinstation

git clone --depth 1 git:// -b 5.4-Stable
cd thinstation

The easiest way to change the configuration is to get the kernel to
start building and cancel it, so that it unpackages and applies

cd /ts/ports/kernel-modules/kernel-TS
# nebo jiny kernel treba SMP...
pkgmk -d -kw -f 
(download the sources, keep work, force it to update) 
Hit Ctrl-C when you see it start compiling 
Go into work/src/linux-*

Do your preferred method of modification (generally make menuconfig)
Copy out the resulting .config back into ts.config
Optionally check with git diff ts.config

pkgmk -um (update the checksums for ts.config) 
pkgmk (compile) 
pkgmk -uf (update footprint) 
pkgmk -u (update install) 
update -k [SMP]

build all modules

into chroot

cd ~/build